The 7th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (ICBEB 2018)
October 17th - 20th, 2018, Nanjing, China
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Huaiyang Cuisine & Snacks

Duck Blood Soup

Spicy duck blood soup, Yaxue Tang, with bits of duck gizzards, is great on a cool morning to get you going or late on a chilly night to warm you through. It is a very popular Chinese dish and once sampled will quickly become a favorite.

Salted Duck

Unlike the name, saltwater duck is not a salty tasting meat but a brined duck that often has a sweet aroma from the sweet osmanthus blossoms.The Nanjing preparation creates flavorful meat with a glistening layer of fat and a skin, arguably the best part of the duck that is tender yet chewy to round out the entire eating experience.

Stinky Tofu

The "stinky" connotation is more like the bouquet of a fancy French cheese but far less shy and takes a minute to overcome before you try the tofu. In all honesty it is really good and when served piping hot with a squirt of hot sauce over top it is a good cheap snack.

Meihua Zhenggao

The small Meihua Zhenggao is a local cake delicacy. This dense and dry cake is slightly sweet with bits of dried fruit. More like a scone or shortbread to Western tea aficionados. It is perfect with a steaming cup.


These steamed dumplings are sublime. Under an extremely thin layer of dough hides a bomb of delectable broth and a ball of tender pork.To eat these jiggly meat pockets, bite a small "window" on the skin, drink up the broth, dip the rest in vinegar, then munch.

Shredded Dried-Tofu in Chicken Broth

They are boiled in chicken broth with half a dozen goodies. The soybean-based slices, which can be as thin as 1 millimeter, absorb an appetite-inducing meaty flavor from the broth. All cultures have a version of chicken noodle soup and a flaky side dish with Nanjing’s own specialty.

Spiced Beans and Spiced Eggs

Spiced beans, also known as "champion beans", taste soft and tender. It is said that one who eats champion beans will get the first prize. The first important combination is the pairing of rain flower tea with a spiced egg and a handful of addicting and chewy beans. The spiced egg, Chaye Dan, can be found all over China. Fresh eggs are slowly steeped in a broth that includes tea and various spices for as long as twelve hours or more.

Lotus Root Stuffed with Rice

Lotus root stuffed with rice is starchy and sweet. The lotus root is very porous and sucks up all of the sticky syrup and sweet osmanthus flavor making this more akin to a dessert than a side dish and can be served hot or cold. Also walking the line of sweet and savory is Guihuatang Yumiao, a thick porridge of soft taro and dates.

Tofu Jelly (Doufunao)

Doufunao, a fresh and soft preparation often served for breakfast but with the addition of a topping slightly spicy and oily. A small bowl of this is still good for breakfast and even better toward the end of the meal.

Pan-fried beef dumpling (Niurou Guotie)

The deep yellow color of Niurou Guotie, fried dumplings filled with minced beef, mimics both the color and the shape of the gold ingots from imperial China. The jumbo cousin of the popular Jiaozi is rich in flavor with the right saltiness that makes it go great with a glass of cold beer.

Huilu Gan

Huilu Gan is another tofu dish. Tofu in various forms is a popular Nanjing staple. Fried tofu cubes and a selection of local vegetables give this soup a delicate flavor accentuating the texture of the bean curd.

Rain Flower Stone Soup

Rain Flower Stone Soup, Yuhuashi Tangtuan is the most visually appealing. These little dumplings earn their name from the famous rain flower pebbles representing Nanjing. Legend states that the pebbles were formed from flowers that rained down from heaven and these soft glutinous rice dumplings are culinary copies of quartz and agate.
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