12th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2023)
November 17-20, 2023 Macao, China

ICBEB 2023 attracted about 110 attendees gathering together in Macao. Participants had the chance to engage in insightful discussions and benefit from the latest research and developments in the field from 4 keynote speeches, 48 invited & oral presentations, and 25 poster presentations. The awarding for 3 Best Oral Presenters and 2 Best Poster Presenters were declared during the conference. The opportunities will foster collaboration and facilitate the exchange of ideas, paving the way for potential partnerships and projects in the future.

11th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2022)
November 15-18, 2022, Online via Microsoft Teams

ICBEB 2022, Originally scheduled in Shenzhen China, has to go fully virtual due to the control policy arising from COVID 19 pandemic. Participants from more than 20 countries including 5 esteemed keynote speakers, 42 speakers and 35 poster presenters shared their latest researches in Biomedical engineering and biotechnology. Sponsored by the scientific journal, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, and to encourage further academic efforts, four Best Oral Presenters and two Best Poster Presenters were awarded with bonuses as well as free registrations to ICBEB 2023.

10th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2021)
November 15-18, 2021, Online via Microsoft Teams

ICBEB 2021 was held online smoothly during via Microsoft Teams. It was changed from onsite to online mode without any physical participation at Suzhou, China due to unstable situation of COVID-19. ICBEB 2021 has received about 400 submissions and attracted 160 participants from over 20 countries and regions. 4 keynote speakers and 95 oral/poster presenters delivered their excellent studies and made it a successful conference. Eight Best Oral Presenters and three Best Poster Presenters were selected and awarded. The awarding for Top 3 prizes of the 3rd China Physiological Signal Challenge were declared during conference dates.

9th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2020)
November 15-18, 2020, Online via Microsoft Teams

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, ICBEB 2020, originally scheduled in Suzhou, China, went virtual via MS Teams. Hosted by Institute of Biomaterials and Medical Devices, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute & Institute of Biomedical Devices (Suzhou), Southeast University, the conference featured 5 plenaries, more than 50 oral presentations and 26 poster presentations. The Top 3 teams for the 3rd China Physiological Signal Challenge are announced during conference dates. Attendees enjoyed packed schedule for optimal academic networking opportunities.

8th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2019)
October 22-25, 2019, Seoul, Republic of Korea

For the first time outside China, ICBEB 2019 came to its fruitful ending in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Hosted by Institute of Bio-medical Engineering Research, Kyungpook National University and supported by Center for the Support of Medical Device Platform, Keimyung University, it attracted about 190 attendees from 28 countries and regions. 7 winners have been selected among 73 oral presentations and 4 winners selected out of 72 poster presentations. Totally three groups were awarded in the 2nd China Physiological Signal Challenge during conference dates.

7th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2018)
October 17-20, 2018, Nanjing

Hosted by Southeast University and Nanjing Medical University, it is such an exciting moment for more than 200 participants from 13 countries and regions to get together and share academic achievements, with 65 oral presentations and 56 poster presentations. The first China Physiological Signal Challenge has come to a successful end during the conference. Three best papers from conference submissions have been awarded by the journal PMEA.

6th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2017)
October 17-20, 2017, Guangzhou

More than two hundred respectable guests are getting together in Guangzhou, a famous culture city and a splendid tourism city with a history of more than 2,200 years to accomplish the academic exchange about Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. 3 keynote speakers and about 40 invited speakers from China, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Czech, Brazil, Russia and many other countries joined in the conference and brought their latest research findings to all the participants. The conference accepted papers have been published in journals and indexed in SCI consecutively.

5th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2016)
August 1-4, 2016, Hangzhou

Hangzhou, with the spirit of "exquisite and harmonious, big-hearted and open-minded", welcomed more than 200 attendees from China, Korea, USA, Australia, Japan, France, Brazil, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore and India. Four keynote speakers and two invited speakers brought the exchange of the latest research discoveries. The successful hosting of conference further consolidates the cooperation between publishers and ICBEB.

4th Annual Conference (ICBEB 2015)
August 18-21, 2015, Shanghai

A successful regular event at ICBEB, Poster Presentation, welcomed about 150 presenters from home and abroad in ICBEB 2015, with five esteemed keynote speakers also join in the discussion. The session of Biomedical Imaging prospered with most attendees in both Poster and Oral Presentation. Approximately 400 accepted papers have been published in related SCIE indexed journals.

3rd Annual Conference (ICBEB 2014)
September 25-28, 2014, Beijing

Nine esteemed invited speakers, including Prof. Dan Barouch from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Christopher R. Jacobs, Dr. Edward J. Ciaccio from Columbia University, and Dr. Ng Yin Kwee from Nanyang Technological University attended the conference and introduced a robust array of research methods and the latest results in their respective research fields.

2nd Annual Conference (ICBEB 2013)
October 11-13, 2013, Wuhan

Three esteemed speakers, Dr. Edward J. Ciaccio from Columbia University, Dr. Ng Yin Kwee from Nanyang Technological University, and Dr. Nobuo Nakabayashi from Tokyo Medical and Dental University were invited to attend the conference. Approximately 200 accepted papers have been published in related SCIE indexed journals.

1st Annual Conference (ICBEB 2012)
May 28-30, 2012, Macao

Sponsored by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and by the University of Macao, IEEE Macao Section and Macao Society of Bio-Medical Engineering, the first International conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology welcomed nearly 200 participants from around the globe listened as five esteemed speakers presented research.